Not everyone needs financial advice, however here are our Top 10 reasons to talk to a financial adviser today

1. Help plan for retirement. Reviewing existing pensions and investment.

Study after study has shown that many people are woefully under prepared for retirement, whether you are planning to retire at 55 or at a much older age. A good financial adviser can help you with this.

2. Advice on options at retirement. Maximising retirement benefits and flexibility.

So you are on the verge of retiring, do you know what your options are and how to maximize the income from the money you have invested in pensions and non pension investments?

3. A review of a ‘messy and disorganised’ investment portfolio.

If you have a portfolio of investments, maybe a variety of pensions, ISA’s, unit trusts, shares and investment bonds. Do you know how much risk you are taking and how it’s performing? Some financial advisers specialise in this type of work.

4. Restructuring investments in retirement to provide income.

If you are using your investments to provide income in retirement, are you sure that you doing this in the most tax efficient way?

5. Investing a lump sum released from other assets such as the sale of property.

What is the best and most tax efficient way to invest a lump sum? How long to invest for, do you need growth or income or both and how much investment risk should you be taking? A financial adviser will help you make the right decisions.

6. You want to move from an existing adviser or wealth manager.

Not everyone is satisfied with the advice that they are currently receiving, and may wish to change to another adviser. Read our article How to choose the right financial adviser for you

7. You no longer wish to manage your own investments.

For some people DIY investing can be great fun, but for others it can be a bewildering task, and knowing what to do and when and even how can lead to inaction. Find a financial adviser that can work with you and take the stress away from looking after your own portfolio.

8. Inheritance tax planning.

The threshold of assets above which your estate will be taxed at 40% is currently £650,000, so if you are a home owner and have investments, you may be leaving a big chunk of your estate to the tax man.

9. Investing an inheritance.

If you are fortunate to receive an inheritance, what will you do with this money and how will it be invested. Do you need it for growth or income or both?

10. Reduce administration hassle.

Dealing with the complexities can be tedious and not the most exciting of subject of subjects. Most of us have far more interesting things to do in our spare time


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