Being a client of Martin Dodd has made all the difference to our pensions. We now have a very clear understanding of how our pension funds are performing through regular quarterly reviews. I am more confident that with Martin’s help we will build up substantial pension funds for retirement.

Chris Cox

Midlands Bacon Ltd

Midlands Investment Agency have helped us set up our pension fund and keep it running smoothly. No query is too much for them, and everyone is friendly and helpful. We could not ask for better service.

Jane Williams

Mirka Abrasives

I refer my mortgage and protection clients to Martin in order for him to provide them with Investment and Pension Advice , safe in the knowledge that they will get the help, support and service that they rightly expect at each and every step of a purchase or product review. Martin is able to articulate what can be very complex products in a manner that is understood by clients allowing them to make fully informed decisions with confidence. It is vital to me that referrals are dealt with in a timely manner and Martin delivers in that and all other respects for my customers, which is invaluable to me as a business partner.

Mark Bonshor

First Rate Mortgage Advice

Midlands Investment Agency have been my financial advisors since 2009. They have helped me understand more clearly how pension work, and the importance of planning for my future. They have helped me with my plans for retirement and are always available to answer any pension questions that I have, as well as other financial queries. I know have a much clearer plan for my future. I am very happy with their service and will be recommending them to my own clients.

Dawn Bennett

Concentric Lettings Dudley

Martin has looked after my pension requirements for the last few years, I have always found him to be informative, knowledgable and very approachable. The results he has delivered have been outstanding I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.”

Will Peel

Benham BMW

Martin has always been willing to use his expertise for the benefit of others, regardless of whether they were clients, potential clients or just confused by the investment options. He has always been approachable and has a tremendous understanding of his market.

John Plaster


Three years ago Martin suggested moving my pension to a self managed fund where I get regular updates on where to move my money in order to achieve the best returns. The arrangement is working well and I’ve seen good growth in my fund. It’s a method of operation that I’m happy to recommend.

Mark Brennand

Public Relations Consultant

I have about 5 different pension schemes from previous jobs dating back to the early 80s and was totally confused about their value to me now and the possibilities open to me having reached 55 to take any lump sum available in order to decrease my mortgage and potentially increase my income, a necessity since I have drastically downsized my job! MIA very efficiently dealt with all correspondence to the various parties and gave me a concise summary of the possibilities in relation to each pension which would be most beneficial to me. Consequently I have been able to redeem one pension in order to provide a little extra income and pay off a lump of my mortgage and have a detailed plan of what actions to take with the other pensions. I know I can trust MIA to keep monitoring the situation regarding the value of the other pensions and they will get back to me. Could not have wished for more useful advice and courteous service. I would recommend their services to anyone

Liz Roberts

My pension fund has been managed by MIA for the last few years. Despite the volatility in the market and my cautious approach they have still managed to increase my fund to a satisfying level. They are the third IFA I have been involved with and by far the best, I wish I had been introduced to them years ago. They are the first company that I feel have been interested in my account and actively manage my portfolio. They advise me every 90 days and often make recommendations within my portfolio to improve the funds. In my opinion they are second to none and needless to say I am extremely happy with their services and would highly recommend them to any other business or individual.

Paul Riley


What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Financial adviser?
To increase my port folio for pension provision.
How did Martin Dodd help you?
He transferred my funds from my old provider and set up a new pension plan with more return.
What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Yes pension pot is growing steadily.
What could they have done better?
Nothing really as Martin has been excellent and communication is very easy.
Carl Summerfield

Having several pots of pension funds from previous employment, I decided it was time to consolidate and consulted Martin. After a thorough assessment of my attitude to risk, he outlined recommendations for me to invest my pension funds, which he explained in some detail when requested. The part I like the most about investing my pension through MIA is the quarterly reports so I can see how my investment is progressing. With these quarterly reports are recommendations to move from areas not performing as well as expected, to better funds. So far I am extremely satisfied with the performance of my pension and would recommend speaking to Martin at MIA.

Richard Preston

Finchfield IT

Martin helped me and my wife work through some financial questions and I thoroughly recommend him. He was thorough, knowledgeable and generous with his time and knowledge. I would be very happy to engage his services in the future.

Nick Deane

Hazelwood Marketing

Martin is a rare breed of Financial Expert in that he will quite happily show you his own portfolio of investments. This is extremely important. After all, if you’re acting on a Financial Expert’s advice you’d expect them to take the same investment route if their circumstances were the same! In short, he puts his money where his mouth is. Very professional guy who goes the extra mile to make sure your investment pattern is right. Highly recommended

Martin Cook

Utility Warehouse

Martin set up the Group Pension scheme for all the staff at Lawsons Lettings in 2009. He dealt with all the queries from the staff and ensured that everyone joining the scheme understood what benefits they would receive. As a socially responsible employer, we want our staff to have additional benefits on top of their salary. Midlands Investment Agency, have put a scheme into place, which is easier for us to look after, which our staff are very much appreciative of. MIA’s knowledge of pensions made the process much easier for us, so much so that we know that any new members coming in and any queries will be dealt with promptly.

Jo Morrey

Lawsons Lettings

Martin took over my ISA and pension a few years ago and i have had great improvements on the return on investments since investing, i also like the fact that if ever i need any information he and his team are always willing to help in any way they can.

Sally Lawson

Sally Lawson Ltd

Martin, as part of MIA has always provided excellent service, very much in his father and partner’s footsteps. Martin will ensure the excellent service provided by MIA is continued into the future. Highly recommended.

Philip Usherwood


I have worked with Martin on his new businesses and on several occasions has assisted myself and colleagues with the great knowledge that he posesses as a Finacial Advisor. Martin is dedicated to his work and has a great deal of drive and passion in his profession., I always will refer any of my clients to Martin for any Financial Advice and he always comes up with great results everytime.

Yiasmin Freestone

Company Select UK

Martin has been looking after my Pension for a number of years. Prior to Martin’s involvement I, probably like many other people, did not have a clear picture on investment performance and what actions should be taken to achieve my ultimate target. Thanks to Martin’s advice and guidance I now feel confident that my pension investment will achieve the desired level.

Colin Mills


Martin Dodd is one of our preferred professional connections, whom we refer our clients to for financial planning and wealth management advice. Martin’s service is designed to help clients achieve their financial goals and aspirations. I would happily recommend his services

Jonathan Walker

Walker & Co Solicitors

Martin’s highly personal, professional and knowledgeable approach is exemplary. I would highly recommend him to anyone who might simply need to discuss and review their financial affairs or seek specific advice – no pressure- informative tailored information and service

Andrea Spence Ferguson

ASF Developments

Excellent pensions adviser. Turned my non performing pension round. Can’t fault his thoroughness and attitude.

Harry Kee

Moreandmore Mortgages

Martin is a true expert in his field. I have known Martin for over 3 years, and manages both mine and my husband’s pension schemes. We receive a report every 90 days on how our pensions are performing and are able to redistribute our pensions as and when we want to without penalties. I have been very impressed with Martin and would recommend him to all business owners. He also has a fantastic personality.

Julie Owen

Jigsaw Business Services

Martin Dodd of Midlands Investment Agency is someone who really cares about helping people plan their financial future. His integrity and professionalism are second to none. He totally inspires trust. With Martin, you know you are in safe hands!

Tony Burgess

Acadamy of High Achievers

Having been reticent for some time to have my Pensions and Health insurance reviewed, I put my trust in Martin Dodd at Midland Investment Agency. His no nonsense, convenient and trustworthy approach instantly made me reassured and I left our initial consultation with the exact understanding as to what he will be undertaking, furthermore, he was extremely well time managed and reliable on the delivered service. I was thrilled with the outcome of my review, I feel totally reassured that my pension has now been put back on track and I have also saved myself money and have benefitted from a better level of cover. Considering the time and professionalism that Martin has put into the work carried out, I was surprised to say the least at how reasonable the charge was. It gives me pleasure to say what a totally satisfied customer I am

Mark Rozier

Martin has helped me consolidate a number of small pensions into one portfolio. I chose to work with him because he was highly recommended by a number of mutual acquaintances and impressed me with his knowledge and enthusiasm. I was also impressed by how easy he made a very complicated subject appear.

Tim Holiday

Total Storage Systems

I have total confidence in Martin’s ability to manage my financial assets, highly knowledgable and more importantly great returns which is the reason I asked Martin to take a look at my finances

Rob Binnion

Greenhouse DAF

Martin has a very proactive approach to financial planning and certainly opened my eyes in a very short space of time to personnel investment strategies available.

Andy Lowe

Orton Electrical

I chose Martin over a number of other IFAs I had been introduced to. To date I have received solid, consistent and certainly independent advice. Martin has performed over and above my expectations, taking on situations outside the scope of my initial investments with him.

Tim Holiday

Total Storage

Martin has introduced a Company Pension Scheme which despite the unfavourable market recommendations has returned agreeable results. Martin knows his subject inside out and takes the time to review with each individual their needs and ensures they are comfortable with the way their portfolio is being handled.

Phil Sandford

Mirka Abrasives Ltd

I saw martin after a change in working circumstances and life decisions. He talked me through my options and gave me choices that I did not know were available. Then gave me a full plan with possible outcomes for the future.

Kevin Gardiner

At the age of 38 I felt that it was time to give serious consideration to retirement planning. Coincidentally Martin got in touch to offer his services. Martin reviewed my current arrangements and gave me an honest view on things. He did not pressure me in any way to take his advice. The markets have not been kind of late but I have many years left until retirement so I am not worried about current performance. I am happy with How Martin has advised me thus far.

Matt Brown

I am very happy with the work done for me by Martin at the Midlands Investment Agency. He has helped me to plan and invest my funds to achieve a satisfactory income for my retirement.

Andrew Weaver

Martin came to see us some time ago and completely “overhauled” our investment portfolio and strategy. We are extremely pleased with the professional approach of MIA and the advice given to us. Thanks Martin.

Barry & Becs Trubshaw

Martin Dodd has successfully consolidated and managed my personal pension for the last 3 years. He actively manages and advises on the pension on a quarterly basis. My pension pot has increased every quarter – a great achievement in the current market. Its good to know that the pension is being actively managed rather than bobbing out of control on the rough seas of the stock markets. I highly recommend Martin – so get your pension sorted!!

Mags O'Brien


I know Martin of MIA through networking and also know plenty of people who use his services. As well as offering regular pension performance reports so you know how things are going, he also has a different approach to working with his clients to ensure their goals are established and met.

Shaun Phillpotts

Steps for Success

I am prompted to write and thank you. The excellent advice given to me over the years and in particular the last 12 months preceding my 65th birthday has without doubt been extremely valuable. Without your guidance I could quite easily have made some of the mistakes listed. Thanks to your advice and assistance I now have a range of pensions that again with your advice have enabled me to benefit from Annuities and Drawdown, and a retirement income plan that meets my needs.

Colin Mills


I have worked with Martin on a number of occasions both personally and with my clients. Martin is the ultimate professional who will do what is right for the client every time. I cannot recommend him enough.

Peter Savage

Deedsafe Wills & Legal Services

Martin arranged cover for Key Man insurance for our company. He made the process simple and pain free and has provided us with a policy we are very pleased with. He is clearly very knowledgable in his field and is professional at all times. I would happily recommend Martin to any of my contacts.

Claire Pigeon

AMB Insurance

Martin has recently provided pension advice to a key business contact that I have known for many years- I chose Martin to handle this business on the basis that he is professional, trustworthy, reliable and delivers quality advice in a timely manner. Martin will provide ongoing support, which fits in with my philosophy that clients should be supported on a forward basis for many years beyond the initial sale. I was confident that Martin would provide service complimentary to mine and he didn’t disappoint!

Andrea Spence Ferguson

ASF Developments

Martin gave me good advice & has provided a high standard of service. My pension value has grown well with his management. I would recommend this agency highly.

David Pewton

Instructing the MIA to manage my pension fund was one of the best decisions I have made. Sceptical and lacking in confidence due to poor service and advice from a prior IFA, I really needed to get it right this time. From day one, Martin and John have exceeded my expectations and for sure are experts in their field. I am kept fully informed, am part of the decision making process and they are always available if I need further advice. They are so very professional, discreet and I trust them wholeheartedly. I felt so strongly about the service I receive that I actually recommended the MIA to a close friend who lives in a different part of the country; I am pleased to say he too is now being well advised. I am indeed grateful and so pleased with the decision I made a few years ago.

Chris Evans

Reaching age 40 and needing some advice planning for retirement. Martin examined my existing situation in detail and advising on restructuring to spread and minimize risk and maximize return. He gave good common-sense advice on what my goals should be and how to achieve them. The climate over the last decade has been difficult but I have made progress towards the goals we set together. Martin and his team have become valued and trusted friends.

Nick Daily Hunt

Martin and his father have provided sound financial advise for my father and siblings for over 30 years and we have always found MIA to be transparent and open about financial planning. Martin helped with planning for the future and advice with pensions & investments. We have seen some improvements in our pension investment.

Adrian Brooks