Today, I’d like to share with you my tips to help you take your plans for a secure financial future to the next level. These are my top tips for Business Owners and Individuals that can help make their plans EVEN better for 2022 and beyond.

Train Your Brain

Did you know that a person’s mindset ultimately controls their actions? If a person is too comfortable and relaxed about their daily routine, then there is a BIG chance that they will be reluctant to change the way they do just about anything. This is living in the COMFORT ZONE. Living a life of absolute routines quite often results in no significant move forward. Someone who wants to be completely financially free and secure needs to embrace a CHANGE mindset.

It’s important for financial-freedom-minded people to NOT get overly comfortable with how they plan. They should always look forward and continue to plan for the future. Evolution helps avoid procrastination and complacency. Evolving your plans can help open new ideas and plans.

It’s also important to train your brain for success. The human brain will either say YES to an action or an emphatic NO. If you want to be certain of a financially secure future, you have to train your brain to follow through on actions. It is risky to put off the task that you can do today for tomorrow or later. We all know that later sometimes becomes never. Continuing to act promptly can help you become more proactive and decisive in the actions that you need to take. Over time, you can train the brain to keep acting and moving forward. Always being ready to take action can also help create assertiveness.

Challenge The Fear

You may be reluctant at first, but the most important strategy that you can use to overcome a reluctance is to do the one thing that you least want to do. Once the jobs are done, then you can move on to the next challenge and another one. Subsequent reluctance is often overcome through repetition.

Reluctance can also be overcome by trying new things. Training the brain to accept new challenges and activities can result in a new habit that will eventually help you avoid the reluctance. This can help you re-wire your brain to do things that you know, that need to be done, but continue to put off.

Like-minded people can help challenge your reluctance as well. Unfortunately, in the world of Personal Finance, there is not enough open conversation about the subject, especially when it comes to increasing your wealth and financial security. The Personal Finance Martin is great at talking about saving money on your bills, but not so hot on future financial planning. The people that you surround yourself with, can inspire and motivate you much more so than a book, a radio/TV show, or podcast. Seeing someone being successful can help reduce reluctance and procrastination as well as be a good role model.

Learn And Grow

Another way you can train your brain is to learn something new. If you think about what skills that you could work on, you could consider reading up on the subject or watching videos. These are just a few ways that you can improve what they already know or learn new things.

The best time to learn something new is when that enhanced knowledge is not actually needed. This type of learning will help equip you with the tools you need when you need them most.

Lifelong learning can help you become more prepared for whatever comes up, plus it can help you overcome the fear of not knowing what to do when the time comes.

Making this year, the year to get your house in order

Working on improving your wealth and financial security would not be complete if time management was not mentioned. If you want to be great at planning for your future, you can make this year, the year to put a proper plan in place. Too often I meet people that do not have an effective plan in place and are leaving their future entirely to chance.

I am a massive fan of having a process to achieve results. No process equals uncertain results. Here is the process I have been following for years, to help me get results in just about everything that I do. Including gardening!

● Make a to-do list

● Prioritise what is on to-do list

● Allocate the time to each task on the list

● Know how long each task should take you

● Repeat the process on a regular basis

This works especially well with financial planning. Yes, there are some things we need to do that are a greater priority than others. Sometimes, it’s not possible to get them all done at once.

This strategy helps us become much more focused on the result we want. The trick is to start on the journey in the first place. The serious planners who are aware that they need to take action get the most out of having a process of taking action.

Key Takeaways

● Always be ready to train your brain with the goal to move forward

● Have the courage to challenge your reluctance to start taking action

● Have the desire to learn more, even if some of what you learn may not be relevant now

● Create your own ACTION task list

● Understand what is a priority for you now

If you are thinking now is the time to get serious about planning for a secure financial future, take action today.  

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