“Just before I sign here Martin, can I just ask you one more question”

“Of course Chris, fire away”

After a series of meetings with Chris to put together his financial plan for the future, we were sat around our conference room table at our offices, finalising how we were going to proceed and sign the paperwork. The plan was to consolidate a series of pensions he had acquired over the last 25 years and put a proper investment program together for the next ten years, so that he could hand over his business to his two sons. The plan was then to enjoy a fabulous world cruise, before kicking back and taking it easy.

“So, the question I really need to ask you Martin is this?”

“How do you invest your money?”

“That is a very good question Chris and not one that get asked very often. But I wish people did. My money is invested in exactly same way as yours, using exactly the same strategy”

Unfortunately not all financial advisers believe in what they are advising their clients to do. That worries me enormously. Over the years I have met many financial advisers that are doing something completely different to what they advise their clients to day. Many of them have invested in property and buy to let portfolios. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against buy to let property and own a few myself. But the majority of my investment monies are directed to the same type of investments as I advise my clients to.

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When choosing a financial adviser to help you plan for the future and manage your investments, it’s really important to ask them, how are they achieving their own financial freedom. If they are doing something different, it is quite reasonable to ask them why. And if you don’t get a satisfactory answer, maybe you should be looking elsewhere.

“There is another side to the question you’ve just asked as well Chris”

“Oh and what’s that Martin?”

“What you should also be asking me is, what is your overall strategy to become financially free? If you like, what is your plan?”

This is entirely reasonable question to ask you adviser and to be honest I share this with my clients every day. The challenges your financial adviser faces are no different to yours, so what are his/her plans.

So yes, I did share with Chris my plans. We are a similar age and it’s my intention to be on that journey with him for as long as he needs my help.

A good financial adviser is your companion, your thinker, your strategist, the person that occasionally holds you to account and even sometimes helps you see things from a different perspective. So it’s better to be sure they are on the same investment page as you and are also on their financial journey.

This article does not provide specific advice and you should always seek professional advice from a qualified adviser before making any decisions.

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