Do you know how much State Pension you may get, and when? This is really important for all of use to know well in advance of us reaching State Retirement Age.

The law has recently changed and there may have been a change to the date when you will receive your State Pension.

If you over the age of 55 it is strongly recommended that you get a state pension forecast. This can be done by completing a BR19 form and sending it off to the Department of Work & Pensions. They will usually send a reply back to you within 3 weeks or so.

What does the State Pension forecast tell you?

The State Pension forecast gives you detailed information on the State Pension you will potentially receive when you reach your State Pension age. It is based on your National Insurance contributions record, and will give you estimates of your basic and additional State Pension and, if appropriate, your Graduated Retirement Benefit.

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