Chris came to us with concerns about how he was going to be able to retire from his business. Chris is in his mid 40’s and has been running his company for over 20 years.

Chris wanted to ensure that he had enough money to enjoy the rest of his life once he sold or left the business. He wanted to have sufficient money to enjoy the lifestyle he is accustomed to and to pay off his mortgage.

Chris has worked hard all his life to accumulate assets and wanted to ensure that the assets could be protected for his children.

This is what we did

We took time to discuss the various options with him with the money he had already accumulated.

We helped Chris calculate what income he would need to support his lifestyle.

We created and implemented a plan to ensure that he has sufficient income which is paid as tax efficiently as possible.

We arranged trust funds to ensure that his accumulated assets are passed to his children.

The Results

Chris is happy now that his “life after business” plans are on course for a secure future.

Chris is now more confident about the future as his plans are under constant review.

The Trust funds ensure that his assets will pass to his children free of tax, as well as ensuring no third party can claim on the funds.

“Chris is happy that he now has a strategy in place to help him achieve financial freedom when he retires”