John came to us with concerns about how he was going to be able to protect his Property Portfolio. John is in his mid 50’s and has built up a property portfolio over the last 10 years.

John wanted to ensure that the mortgages are fully repaid and that the properties do not need to be sold to pay Inheritance tax. He wanted to make sure that all the hard effort in building his portfolio is protected.

This is what we did

We discussed with him the various options to make sure his debts would be repaid if he died prematurely.

We helped John calculate what his potential Inheritance Tax liability would be. 

We created and implemented a plan to ensure that he was protected and that as much of his estate would pass onto his children.

We arranged trust funds to ensure that his children could retain as much of his Property portfolio as possible.

The Results

John is happy now that his properties are secure. 

John is now more confident about the future and is planning in buying more property. 

The Trust funds ensure that his assets will pass to his children free of tax, as well as ensuring no third party can claim on the funds.

“John now has certainty that he will be able to pass on his property portfolio to his children”