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so that you can live the life you choose


Is your investment portfolio working for you?

Maybe you are concerned about the investment performance

Maybe you are unsure how much risk you are taking

If your long-term plans have changed, you may need a review of your investments

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Is the thought of retirement worrying you?

Maybe you are not sure how much income your pensions will give you

Maybe your are unsure how to start taking income from your pensions

Are you worried that your income will not be enough to live on

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Are you concerned about Inheritance Tax?

Are you worried that your assets will have to be sold to pay the tax

Maybe you are unsure what you can do to reduce the tax liability

Would you like as much of your estate to pass onto your children as possible

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Are you concerned about achieving your financial goals?

Pension Performance Review

From our experience as financial advisers there are three major reasons why many pension plans underperform or at least disappoint investors

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Wealth Management

When it comes to looking after the wealth and investments you have accumulated, making the right decisions can be a challenge.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Inheritance Tax is said to be the only remaining voluntary tax in the UK. With the right expertise inheritance tax can be reduced or removed altogether.

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Maybe you are concerned about how you are going retire with enough money to live on

Or maybe you are worried that the investments you have are not working properly for you

The focus of good financial advice is about you
The goals you have
When you want to achieve them by
And how are you going to get there
Our aim is to deliver Financial Advice, that we will help you achieve your financial goals for you and your family
Imagine how you would feel if you achieve Financial Freedom
How would you feel if you had a plan in place for a worry and stress free retirement
And how great would it be if your investments were the right ones for you


Getting the right Financial Advice is more important than ever

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Being a client of Martin Dodd has made all the difference to our pensions. We now have a very clear understanding of how our pension funds are performing through regular quarterly reviews. I am more confident that with Martin’s help we will build up substantial pension funds for retirement.

Chris Cox

I chose Martin over a number of other IFA’s I had been introduced to. To date I have received solid, consistent and certainly independent advice. Martin has performed over and above my expectations, taking on situations outside the scope of my initial investments with him.

Tim Holiday

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Is Equity Release about to make a comeback? I think it is. Equity Release over the years have seriously fallen out of favour, however it has developed a great deal since regulation was introduced in 2007.

How much before my estate has to pay Inheritance Tax?

How wealthy do you have to be to pay Inheritance Tax? The simple answer is not very, especially if you own your own home. According to the UK House Price Index published in June 2017 the average UK house price was £240,235 up from £228,430 in June 2016. With savings and investments, you could quite easily be liable for Inheritance Tax on your death, without feeling particularly wealthy.

Have you got a ‘Plan B’ for your retirement?

The average UK business owner will have £600,000 net worth, so depending on what industry you operate in your company may be worth anything from £300,000 to £1.2 million. But that is all dependent upon finding a buyer, right? But, do have you got a ‘Plan B’  for your retirement?

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